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  1. Floral structure and development of Acoraceae and its systematic relationships with basal angiosperms Node/Biblio

    Publication Type: Journal Article Year of Publication: 2000 Authors: Buzgo, M, Endress, PK Journal: International Journal of Plant Sciences Volume: 161 Issue: 1 Pagination: 23-41 Keywords: Acoraceae, complex organs, flower development, monocots, paleoherb ...

    Sabine von Mering - 2012-03-31

  2. Gynoecium diversity and systematics in basal monocots Node/Biblio

    Title Gynoecium diversity and systematics in basal monocots Publication Type Journal Article Year of Publication 2001 Authors Igersheim, A, Buzgo, M, Endress, PK Journal Botanical Journal of the Linnean Society Volume 136 Pagination 1-65 Keywords Acorales ...

    Sabine von Mering - 2012-06-30

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