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  1. Juncaginaceae Node/Biblio

    Title Juncaginaceae Publication Type Book Chapter Year of Publication 1987 Authors Carlström, A Book Title A survey of the flora and phytogeography of Rodhos, Simi, Tilos and the Marmaris Peninsula (SE Greece, SW Turkey) Pagination 116, 255 Publisher Depa ...

    Sabine von Mering - 2012-03-31

  2. Juncaginaceae. Lilaeaceae Node/Biblio

    Publication Type: Book Chapter Year of Publication: 1980 Authors: Walters, SM, Dandy, JE Editor: Tutin, TG, Burges, NA, Moore, DM, Valentine, DH, Walters, SM, Webb, DA Book Title: Flora Europaea Volume: 5 Pagination: 6-7 Publisher: Cambridge University Pr ...

    Sabine von Mering - 2013-10-11

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