Publication Type:Journal Article
Year of Publication:1975
Authors:Johnson, P. N., Campbell D. J.
Journal:New Zealand Journal of BotanyNew Zealand Journal of Botany
Keywords:Juncaginaceae, New Zealand, Auckland Islands, Enderby Island, southern limit in the New Zealand region, Triglochin, T. striatum

All vascular plants recorded from the Auckland Islands are listed, with an indication of the validity of the records and the status and distribution of each taxon. Those which need further collections are noted. Recent voucher specimens are cited. New records are: Acaena anserinifolia, Blechnum chambersii, Hymenophyllum armstrongii, Triglochin striatum, Juncus articulatus, Ranunculus hirtus, Capsella bursa-pastoris, Epilobium alsinoides subsp. atriplicifolium, Haloragis aggregata, Galium propinquum, Abortanella rosulata, Taraxacum magellanicum, Hebe salicifolia, and Limosella lineata. Species not collected for a long time but now confirmed are: Hymenophyllum bivalva, H. dilatatum, H. minimum, Juncus bufonius, Corybas rivularis, Carex ternaria, Holcus lanatus, Puccinellia antipoda, and Trifolium repens.A total of 257 taxa are listed, 43 of which we recommend be omitted from the extant flora, either because they were reported in error, are of uncertain taxonomic status, or have died out.Twelve species of uncertain taxonomic status are listed, plus a further 10 species for which a variety has also been reported from the Auckland Islands. Thirty percent of the 187 indigenous taxa appear to be restricted in their distribution within the Auckland Islands. These are discussed in relation to patterns of botanical collecting, transoceanic dispersal, vegetation history, and disturbance by humans.New Zealand taxa which may be adventive to the Auckland Islands are listed, and other adventive species are tabled with their history of collection. Patterns of spread and extinction are discussed.

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