Publication Type:Journal Article
Year of Publication:1961
Authors:Löve, D., Lieth H.
Journal:Canadian Journal of Botany
Keywords:Juncaginaceae, Triglochin gaspense

A new species, Triglochin gaspense Lieth & D. Löve, is described from a salt marsh between Barachois-Ouest and Coin-du-Banc, Gaspé Peninsula, Quebec, Canada. It is distributed in Quebec, the Canadian Maritime Provinces, and Newfoundland, as well as in at least the northern part of the state of Maine, U.S.A. It is well differentiated from the other American species of the Triglochin maritimum complex, to which it belongs, morphologically (5-20 cm tall, leaves overtopping the short, few-flowered spike), cytologically (2n = 96 chromosomes), and ecologically (confined to the tidal zone of the Atlantic coast below the high-water mark). The type specimen of the new species is preserved in the Marie-Victoria Herbarium, Université of Montréal.

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