Publication Type:Journal Article
Year of Publication:1999
Authors:Masuda, M., Maki, M., Yahara T.
Journal:Journal of Plant ResearchJournal of Plant Research
Keywords:dormancy, endangered species, halophyte, salinity, seed germination, Triglochin maritimum, Juncaginaceae

Effects of salinity and temperature were examined on the seed germination of an endangered halophyte in Japan, Triglochin maritimum (Juncaginaceae). Germination tests were carried out at three salinity levels (0, 200, 400 mM NaCl) in which seeds were exposed to increasing or decreasing temperatures. Effects of moist-chilling pretreatment (stratification) in 0, 200 and 400 mM NaCl on seed germination at 0, 200 and 400 mM NaCl, respectively, were also examined. Under the highest salinity condition (400 mM NaCl), no germination was observed. The seeds germinated very well (88%) in fresh-water after 5-month moist-chilling pretreatment. Longer moist-chilling pretreatment resulted in higher germination percentages. Moist chilling pretreatment in 0, 200 and 400 mM NaCl for 5 month enhanced germination percentages to 10% (in 400 mM NaCl) - 88% (in 0 mM NaCl).

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