Publication Type:Journal Article
Year of Publication:1974
Authors:Ogden, J.
Journal:New Zealand Journal of BotanyNew Zealand Journal of Botany

Morphologically distinct forms of Selliera radicans Cav. growing on silty flats in the estuary of the Rangitikei River and on sand plains in the dunes c. 1.3 km to the south are described.Small pieces of S. radicans rhizome were collected from these two areas and planted in pots containing either sand from the sand plain site, sandy-silt from the estuary site, or a standard potting mix. All were grown for 10 months under identical conditions in a glasshouse. Measurements of leaf dimensions at the beginning and end of the experiment support the view that the two forms are genetically distinct, and can be regarded as ecotypes. A clone of the sand plain form was grown for 34 months in a garden, and the resulting changes in leaf form are illustrated.Several other species have dwarf forms on the sand plains, and it is tentatively suggested that ecotypic differentiation has occurred in these species also.

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