Publication Type:Journal Article
Year of Publication:2005
Authors:Broughton, D. A., McAdam J. H.
Journal:Journal of the Torrey Botanical SocietyJournal of the Torrey Botanical Society
Keywords:Falkland Island, vascular flora, endemic flora, threatened flora, ecology, status, distribution

This paper provides the first comprehensive, updated account of the Falkland Islands native flora for nearly forty years. 171 species are recognised, thirteen of which are endemic. Seven native species are included in the checklist for the first time: Arachnitis quetrihuensis Dimitri, Carex banksii Boott, Carex barrosii Nelmes, Elatine sp., Plantago moorei Rahn, Ruppia filifolia (Phil.) Skottsb. and Viola magellanica Forst. f. The presence of Rumex magellanicus Campd., a record previously considered doubtful, is also confirmed. Three previously reported native species are believed to have been recorded in error for the Falkland Islands, and are removed. These are, Eleocharis albibracteata Nees & Meyen ex Kunth, Plantago maritima L. and Schizaea fistulosa Labill. The checklist provides the first detailed account of the ecology, phenology, distribution and status of the vascular plant flora, and as such is a unique record of the Falkland Islands flora at the beginning of a period of unprecedented economic and social change.

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