Publication Type:Journal Article
Year of Publication:2008
Authors:Aston, H. I.
Keywords:annuals, Triglochin

Type material of Triglochin calcitrapa Hook. var. pedunculata Buchenau and T. calcitrapa Hook. var. sessiliflora Buchenau is discussed and lectotypes are chosen for both varietal names. The var. pedunculata is placed in synonymy under T. isingiana (J.M.Black) Aston, stat. nov., and the var. sessiliflora is considered a synonym of the autonym T. calcitrapa Hook. var. calcitrapa. A further collection cited under T. calcitrapa Hook. by Buchenau is placed within an informally named taxon Triglochin sp. A (Aston ms.). The varieties T. calcitrapa var. isingiana J.M.Black and T. centrocarpa Hook. var. longicarpa Ostenf. are raised to specific rank as stat. nov. Reference is made to the exclusion of T. racemosa Endl. from Triglochin L. and from Juncaginaceae.

The gender treatment of Triglochin in published works has varied, but throughout this paper it is treated as feminine in accordance with a definitive ruling of the ICBN (McNeill et al., 2006, Art. 6.2 Ex. 5).

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