Publication Type:Journal Article
Year of Publication:1942
Authors:Burke, F.
Keywords:Triglochin maritimum, inland record, salt spring, Aldersey, Cheshire, nonlittoral occurrence exceptional

"... I am now able to report the presence of the halophyte Triglochin maritimum L. (Naiadaceae). It occurs in three small colonies growing in the salt-spring and appears to be well established. I should add that during the past year the spring has maintained a salinity of 1,642 parts per 100,000 with only slight variation.Triglochin maritimum, popularly know as seaside arrow-grass, is a plant frequently found in salt marshes. Its occurrence in a non-littoral region is exceptional and would seem to be unique in so far as the county of Cheshire is concerned. Search of the literature has revealed the fact that Triglochin has occasionally been recorded from the counties of Cambridgeshire, Staffordshire and Surrey. ..."mit Literaturangaben!

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