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  1. Vascular Plants of the Auckland Islands Node/Biblio

    Title Vascular Plants of the Auckland Islands Publication Type Journal Article Year of Publication 1975 Authors Johnson, PN, Campbell, DJ Journal New Zealand Journal of BotanyNew Zealand Journal of Botany Volume 13 Pagination 665-720 Keywords Juncaginacea ...

    Sabine von Mering - 2012-03-25

  2. Juncaginaceae Node/Biblio

    Title Juncaginaceae Publication Type Book Chapter Year of Publication 2000 Authors Kirizawa, M Book Title Flora Fanerogamica da Ilha do Cardoso Volume 7 Pagination 71-73 Publisher Instituto de Botanica City Sao Paulo, Brazil Keywords Brazil, Ilha do Cardo ...

    Sabine von Mering - 2012-03-25

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